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All remaining items from our summer flowering catalog are now 50% off!

All Botanical Interest seeds are now 50% off!

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Potted Bulbs, Perennials and Annuals ready for your Garden!
Peonia 'Karl Rosenfield'
Double, fuchsia-red flowers are both sizable and fragrant.  Blooms early to mid summer in full sun to part shade.  Critter resistant.  $20  (Photo credit:  Walters Gardens)
Assorted varieties of Coleus in 4" pots.  $3
Lavandula 'Platinum BlondeTM'
Neat and compact habit with fragrant, green and cream variegated leaves and purple-blue flowers.  Blooms early to mid summer attracting pollinators and makes a great cut flower.  16"24".  $8
Oxalis regnellii var trangularis
burgundy purple triangular leaves with soft lavender pink flowers.  5 bulbs per pot. $5
Herb Combination Planters
A 6" pot of Pineapple Sage, Silver Queen Thyme and Compact Oregano.  $6
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
Arching clumps of black-purple glossy leaves with small white and sometimes pinkish flowers that bloom in mid to late summer.  The flowers are followed by dark purple berries in the fall.  Evergreen in warmer climates and adaptable as a houseplant.  Grows well in part to full shade.  8"-12".  $15
Scabiosa 'Pink Mist'
Soft pink pin cushion flower blooms mid spring to frost in full sun and attracts butterflies.  12"-18".  $11
Euphorbia robbiae
Light green-yellow flowers appear over deep green foliage.  Prefers dry shade and well drained soil.  10"-12".  $8
Assorted Succulent Planters
Different sizes, shapes and textures of succulents grouped together in cute planters.  

Wine Bottle Planter with succulent combo $38, Seashell Planter with succulent combo $40, Teacup Planter with succulent combo $30, Snail Planter with succulent combo $20, Ancient Art Round small planter with succulent combo $22, Burro Rustic planter with succulent combo $88, Barcelona square 4" planter with succulent combo $24

Botanical Interests Seed Packs
In our opinion, some of the best seed you can buy!  All seed packs on sale now for 50% off of the regular price.
Tropical Patio Planters
12" patio planter with beautiful, large tropical plants.  Choose from Alocasias, Colocasias and Musas.  $20
Eastern Breeze Seed Collection

The Eastern Breeze Butterfly Collection includes two native milkweed varieties (Asclepias tuberosa and Asclepias incarnata) that serve as host plants for monarch caterpillars. Bring Home the Butterflies Flower Mix and Cut & Come Again Zinnia adds bright hues to your garden, attracting butterflies and providing nectar. Sit back and wait for the butterflies to arrive!



Amsonia 'Storm Cloud'
Periwinkle blue flowers with dark stems and green foliage.  Blooms late spring to early summer in full to part sun.  Heat and humidity tolerant and deer resistant!  24"-30".  $16
Ornithogalum dubium
Blooming now and would make a great Mother's Day gift!  Long lasting tangerine orange six petaled flowers with 15-20 florets per stem.  Stunning!  5 bulbs per pot.  $8
Agastache 'Peachie Keen'
A pollinators dream!  Compact, clump forming plants with apricot-peach flowers and purplish-pink calyxes.  18"-24".  $10
Verbena 'Lollipop'
Lilac purple flowers sit atop straight, square stems.  A great "see-thru" plant.  This is a dwarf version of bonariensis that blooms mid summer to early fall.  A pollinator attractor and deer resistant!  18"-24".  $10
Agapanthus 'Stevie's Wonder'
4" wide, violet-blue flowers are great in the garden as well as containers.  2'-3' tall in full to part sun.  Not in bloom yet.  Photo credit: Plant Delight's Nursery.  $15
Sedum SunSparkler 'Firecracker'
Red foliage is adorned by pink flowers in late summer.  Drought tolerant and does best in full sun.  4"-6".  $8
Geranium 'Max Frei'
Bright, reddish-purple flowers bloom late spring to mid summer.  The finely cut foliage turns bright orange to red in the fall.   6"-9".  $10
Salvia nemorosa 'Wesuwe'
Deep purple flower spikes from late spring to late summer, cut back for reblooming.  Deer and drought resistant.  12"-18" tall with a 18"-24" spread.  $10.
Fragaria 'Lipstick'
Blooms late spring to early summer with deep rose pink flowers with yellow centers on 8" tall mounds.  Removal of fruit will encourage more flowers.  Spreads by solons.  $12
Assorted Succulents
Assorted Succulents $5
Hibiscus 'Summerific Berry Awesome'
7" - 8" wide, ruffled lavender pink flowers with a red eye and has dark green foliage. Deer resistant, plant in full sun. 40" - 48". $20
Echinacea 'Hot Papaya'
Vivid red-orange flowers bloom mid to late summer.  Fragrant, long lasting flowers.  2'-3'.  $14
Echinacea 'Playful Meadow Mama'
Fragrant flowers made up of raspberry pink petals that are tinged with white at the tips.  Plant in full sun.  1.5'-2'.  $14
Sedum SunSparkler 'Lime Twister'
Beautiful green, cream and pink coloration.  $8
Monarda 'Bee You Bee Happy'
Bright deep fuschia flowers are loved by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Mildew resistant.  $10
Sedum takesimense 'Atlantis'
Beautiful, variegated leaves that take on a pink blush in cool temperatures.  $8