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Gloucester Daffodil Club meeting - open to the public
September 12, 2019
Organization: Gloucester Daffodil Club
Location: 7900 Daffodil Lane Gloucester ,VA
Start Time: 4 pm
Phone # for more info: gloucesterdaffodils@gmail.com

Many members of the new club remember seeing and picking daffodils on local farms as children. The flowers were sold locally and shipped to markets in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Those days are gone, but Gloucester remains an ideal daffodil-growing climate, and historic varieties and modern cultivars flourish here. Bulbs planted in the fall can be relied upon to bloom in the spring, and well-tended plantings increase over the years. "Our goal is to increase interest in this wonderful treasure in our county and increase planting throughout the county and have fun doing it," says Peggy Bowditch, a long-time daffodil lover and coordinator of the Gloucester Daffodil Club.

To date there are more than 60 members. Membership is open to all interested people. Four meetings are planned during the year on the second Thursday of February, May, September and November. Programs have included discussion of plans, bulb exchange, container planting, when Brent and Becky's Bulbs provided members with containers, soil and bulbs. We will discuss planting, showing, mapping daffodil sites throughout the county. Membership is not, limited to Gloucester residents. Seven municipalities are represented in the membership. "We want to do what we can to support activities that celebrate the daffodil." For more information about the club contact gloucesterdaffodils@gmail.com.